Tanfeeth strives to become first large-scale non-voice back office Operations in the Gulf region with full Work Force Management (WFM)

During times of great uncertainty, we look to Tanfeeth’s Purpose and Values as our north stars. We remain committed to taking care of our passionate employees and providing a seamless and simple banking experience for every customer. For the past two years, Tanfeeth has been on a transformative journey that has given us a strategic advantage, particularly in today’s unprecedented environment. With 70% of our staff working remotely, along with the pressure to reduce costs, and a greater emphasis on customer experience, it became critical to optimize processes and better assist our most important asset, our people.

The implementation of the Work Force Management (WFM) tool has been a critical strategic step that has helped enhance our resilience and boost our competitive advantage in the market.

At the end of the last quarter of 2018, we at Tanfeeth recognized that our non-voice back office operations, for example Trade Finance Operations, suffered from problems such as manual task allocation and prioritization, sub-optimal capacity management and lack of automated SLA tracking. These issues had been broadly addressed on the call center side of our operations but given their direct impact on our key performance indicators like productivity, turnaround times, first contact resolution, and most importantly customer experience; the need to find a solution in other areas became significant.

WFM became the solution to most of our problems. The system supported the need not only for dynamic scheduling but task management; leveraging on data to predict potential problems and future needs. It sounded too herculean of a task to take on at the onset, however, the Transformation and BI team started brewing the idea with Tanfeeth Management and brought on the partnership with Genesys to move forward.

"When I look back, I am extremely proud of how well everyone involved in this extensive project came together as a team, despite coming from different areas of the Group. I have truly seen the value of 'We are One' come to life through the implementation of the WFM Project. It is a brilliant example of teamwork and how well we support each other at Tanfeeth and across the Group" - Mehmet Onol, Senior Vice President, Head of Transformation and BI.

The TBI team together with Group IT have first started the journey of implementing the WFM tool with Trade Operations, who have had their share of setbacks and hurdles. Nevertheless, in the end, have learned to appreciate this system for its competitive advantages and features such as multi-source work-item capture, context aware dynamic classification, real-time and historic insights, and expected workload based resource scheduling etc.

"WFM was a challenging project but through hard work, perseverance and collaboration we now have a market leading tool that can route transactions based on user availability and skill set enabling us to manage workflows and different service levels much more effectively. The service was progressively introduced during COVID-19 which initially made the change process a little more difficult but ultimately has enabled us to improve and automate work allocation and simplify our processes despite most staff working from home. Looking ahead, we continue to refine the dynamic rules and are excited to leverage some of the incremental benefits that will enable us to better forecast capacity, recognize staff performance, provide better client level Management Information Systems (MIS) and enable us to continuously improve the way we work today. Special thanks to Vinodh Sam Isaac, Hera Faiyaz, Harish Hussain, Noortaj Shiak, Pranjal Singh Shahi, Roque Rodrigue and the many others that ensured a successful WFM delivery from inception to go live" - Chris Jenkins, Vice President, Head of Wholesale Banking Operations.

Our mandate is to digitize all back office operations workflows at Tanfeeth, becoming the first large-scale bank in the Gulf region to leverage full WFM capabilities across our non-voice back office operations. In 2021, the WFM solution is being deployed across an additional 17 teams in RAS & RCO. Approximately 700 staff will be using the WFM system when the project implementation is completed. We look forward to making our upcoming deployments a huge success as well over the coming months.

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