Tanfeeth extends Y.E.S 2021 initiative into 2022 with YES! Inspired by O2.

Following the success of Y.E.S in 2021, we are pleased to announce that we will be extending this initiative into 2022 with YES Inspired by O2.

This year, Tanfeeth will be focusing on our values of ‘We are One’ and ‘We Own It’ as we continue to drive customer experience, which are directly linked to Group’s values of Collaboration and Ownership.

The goal for us last year was to ensure that Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic are seen as the leading service providers in the region and beyond by focusing obsessively on the overall experience we are creating for our end-customers.

Throughout the 2021 campaign, Tanfeeth successfully completed 191 initiatives from our Y.E.S wish list which were identified at the start of the year through our Pain, Optimization and Perception (POP) sessions and 287 Y.E.S appreciations were exchanged amongst colleagues and stakeholders to celebrate these successes.

Y.E.S. 2021 helped us become more specific in solving customer pain-points and drive collaboration within the Tanfeeth Operational Units. In keeping up with the ‘Ownership and One Team’ momentum, we thought it was only right to advance on this journey to continue raising the bar in providing a simple and seamless banking experience for every customer, every day.

To precisely understand what it is that we need to work on, we have identified the below key Service Drivers and will be launching initiatives under each area in the coming months.

  • Deliver the promise
  • Make it personal
  • Go the extra mile
  • Resolve the issue
  • Make is simple & seamless

We will continue to hold regular and extensive P.O.P (Pain. Optimize. Perception) sessions in order to:

  • Identify and fix our main Pain points highlighted through different areas such as VOC, complaints, Stakeholder feedback and excessive service efforts.
  • Review our most critical service levels against our competition and seek opportunities to Optimize and raise the bar
  • Explore ways in which we can influence the customers’ Perceptions of the service we provide, to ensure that they actually feel the difference

Based on the actions and outcomes of these P.O.P sessions, we will ensure that every action is lined up to one of the customer needs drivers while keeping collaboration and ownership at the forefront of everything we do. By working together and owning the experience, we will ensure that 2022 is truly focusing on delivering exceptional customer experience.

We are extremely excited to be continuing this journey with you and seeing all the amazing things that will be achieved throughout the year. We will keep you updated regularly on our progress.

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