Bridging The Gap - A Day Of Collaboration And Success At Tanfeeths 2024 COO Offsite

Tanfeeth’s 2024 COO Offsite was a full-day event filled with collaborative insights as Tanfeeth’s EXCO along with Emirates NBD guest speakers and Product Operation managers gathered at the Marriot Resort, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai on Monday, 12 February 2024.

The event hosted by Graeme Peake - Chief Operating Officer, Tanfeeth, aimed to discuss priorities and strategies that would propel the organisation forward in the upcoming year. The overarching theme of the day was ‘Bridging the Gap’, highlighting the significance of connecting Tanfeeth's greatest asset – our People, and Operations to achieve success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The presence of esteemed leaders from Emirates NBD Group such as Ahmed Al Qassim - Group Head of Wholesale Banking, enriched the discussions with valuable insights and strategic thinking. He emphasised the need for a shift in focus and a holistic overhaul of processes to elevate Tanfeeth to the next level.

The focus on digital transformation was a central theme throughout the day, with Vikram Sandhu - Group Head of Digital Transformation, sharing insights on Tanfeeth's digital priorities including customer/user experience such as Complaint Management. Vikram stressed the importance of measuring digital performance across various segments and enhancing customers’ digital journey through all our communication channels.

Mirel Baila - Head of Transformation, Tanfeeth, further elaborated on the importance of the Tanfeeth’s seven model, stressing the need for a robust foundation to support innovation and growth.

The event also shed light on the pivotal role of Human Resources in nurturing and leveraging the potential of employees, with Mohammad Rashed - Chief HR Officer, Tanfeeth, providing insights on initiatives such as skill mapping, career development frameworks and competency metrics to ensure a transparent and structured approach to talent development and progression within the organisation. 

Fatima Abdulrahman - Chief Voice Operations Officer, Tanfeeth, was recognised for her leadership in bridging the gap between people and business, showcasing the criticality of customer experience and the importance of human-to-human interaction, despite all the digital journey advancements.

The day was marked by engaging discussions, informative sessions and networking opportunities, fostering connections and collaboration among attendees. The offsite also delved into key operational themes, including accelerating customer experience, expansion strategies, upskilling initiatives along with operational challenges such as volume management and decision-making processes. The focus on automation, digital initiatives, operational risk and fraud prevention highlighted Tanfeeth’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

The event encapsulated the spirit of teamwork, knowledge exchange and shared vision, setting the stage for a successful and transformative year ahead.

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