Using your Emirates NBD debit card

Make purchases, withdraw cash globally and avail other services locally at Emirates NBD ATMs 

Accepted globally, even more useful locally

Your Emirates NBD debit card can be used to make purchases almost anywhere in the world and to withdraw cash from any Emirates NBD ATM in the UAE or from over one million ATMs that display the Visa or Plus logos worldwide. 

Using your debit card abroad to make purchases and to withdraw local currency from cash machines is a safer option than carrying large amounts of cash or traveler's cheques.

Our Go4it Gold Visa Debit Card comes installed with a built-in Nol chip so it can be used exactly like the RTA Nol Card to make any payments you would make using a Nol card.
You can use any Emirates NBD debit card for even more services at Emirates NBD ATMs. Read more details below.


Before you use your debit card:

You need to activate your debit card and generate a card PIN before you use the card for the first time. Follow these easy steps.

3 simple steps to complete a purchase using your debit card

  • Present your debit card to the merchant at checkout
  • The merchant will insert your card into the terminal and ask you to enter your PIN (this is the same PIN you use to withdraw cash at ATMs). Do not disclose your PIN to the merchant.
  • Once you enter the PIN, the transaction will be approved and the amount will be debited from the primary account your card is linked to.

Your card will be returned to you with a sale receipt. You should keep the receipt until the transaction appears on your bank account statement.


Please note: Although most merchants in the UAE and around the world are fast-replacing their terminals with CHIP and PIN terminals, not all merchants will be equipped with technology. As a result, at some merchants, you may be required to swipe your card and sign the sale receipt.

Using your debit card abroad and fees incurred

Your debit card allows you to access and control your money locally and internationally. If you will be using your debit card in a currency other than UAE Dirhams (AED), the transaction amount will be converted to AED on the day it is debited to your account. The exchange rate used is determined by Visa. Please note that there is a currency conversion fee for all foreign transactions. Overseas ATM cash withdrawals will also incur an international ATM withdrawal fee, which will be detailed separately on your statement. The fees are set out in our Schedule of Charges.

Using your debit card for cash withdrawal at ATMs

Your debit card allows you to access and control your money locally and internationally.

You can withdraw cash from any Emirates NBD ATM, or from over one million ATMs worldwide displaying the Visa and Plus logos.

Simple steps to withdraw cash using your debit card:

  • Insert your card in the ATM
  • You will be prompted to enter your PIN
  • Enter your PIN and choose the amount to be withdrawn

Other services with your debit card at Emirates NBD ATMs

  • Activate your Emirates NBD debit card
  • Check your account balance
  • Change your debit card PIN
  • Pay your utility bills, telecommunication bills, Dubai police fines and RTA parking fines
  • Recharge your Salik account
  • Make payments to Air Arabia and Fly Dubai


For security reasons, you should have your registered mobile number with you when using your debit card as we send you transaction alerts instantly and you can verify them, or call us in case you don’t recognize the transaction. Always keep your mobile number updated on our bank records.

For added security, the bank will not be sending you a pre-assigned PIN. You have to set your debit card PIN while activating your card either over the phone, by calling us on +971 600 54 0000, or by visiting any Emirates NBD ATM.

Your debit card authentication code is a unique four-digit number that will be sent by SMS to your mobile number registered with the bank.

We’ll send you an authentication code when you:

  • Receive a new card
  • Replace your card
  • Reset your PIN
  • Make online purchases and payments with your debit card

If you don't receive your code, check that your mobile number is updated on our records.

You need to set a new PIN to activate your renewed debit card, but your old debit card PIN will be required to set this new PIN. Please refer to the instructions on the mailer you received with your card, or call us on +971 600 54 0000.

The authentication code for activation of a new or replaced debit card or for PIN reset is valid for 30 days and can be used only once. The authentication code for online transactions is valid for only 5 minutes to protect you from online fraud.

Call +971 600 54 0000 and follow the prompts to generate another authentication code. In case of online transactions, click on the ‘resend authentication code’ link. If the authentication code has expired, the merchant page on which you are transacting would in most cases have expired too. If this happens, you’ll need to trigger the transaction again and a new authentication code will be sent to you.

No, your renewed debit card will have a new card number.

Your existing debit card will be automatically deactivated upon successful activation of the new card. You should destroy your old debit card by cutting it diagonally before you dispose of it.

Your debit card has a ‘daily purchase limit’ and ‘daily ATM limit’ which you can use as long as you have sufficient funds in your account or you are within your agreed overdraft limit.

You can change your daily purchase limit if you want to, but you can't change the daily ATM limit. These limits will be mentioned on the card mailer you receive with your card.

Yes, all your debit card transactions will appear on your account statement, along with deposits, processed cheques, ATM withdrawals and other transactions. Having all your transactions in one statement will help you manage your account balances better.
You need to call us on +971 600 54 0000 and a call center agent will guide you through the steps needed to reset your PIN for your Debit Card. It is very important to completely verify yourself as the card holder on the phone or the call center agent will not be able to assist you.
Please call us immediately on +971 600 54 0000 if your debit card has been lost, stolen or misused.

A Go4it Gold Visa Debit Card comes with a built-in Nol chip. You can use this card exactly like the RTA Nol card to make any payments you would make using a Nol card. 
To pay your parking fare at a parking meter for instance, just insert your Go4it Gold Visa Debit Card in the card slot and then select the duration on the selection panel. Payment will instantly be deducted from your linked Nol Tag ID and a parking receipt will be generated.