Pay for your airline tickets easily

Buy Emirates, Fly Dubai or Air Arabia and choose to pay via Online or Mobile Banking, ATM or CDM 

If you are booking a ticket with one of our airline partners - Emirates, Fly Dubai or Air Arabia - you can pay using Mobile or Online Banking, or even at any of our ATMs or Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs). Just make sure you have the airline payment reference number for Emirates and Fly Dubai and the PNR number for Air Arabia tickets.

Please note, you can’t pay for Air Arabia tickets with your credit card, but you can use any of your accounts.

Fees and charges

A fee of AED 52.5 (inclusive of VAT) applies when making a payment to Fly Dubai. There are no charges for Emirates and Air Arabia.

How to pay

Choose one of the options below to proceed and your payment will be processed instantly:


Payment limits

Online and Mobile Banking


Min limit

Max limit

Fly Dubai

Exact amount

AED 10,000

Air Arabia

Exact amount

AED 10,000

Emirates Airlines

Exact amount

AED 40,000


ATMs and CDMs

If you're paying at our ATMs or CDMs, you need to pay the exact cost of the ticket.