Pay your Dubai Police and RTA fines

Pay your fines through Emirates NBD Mobile and Online Banking, ATMs or Cash Deposit Machines

Pay exact amount quickly and easily

We make it easy to pay your fines using Mobile or Online banking, or even at any of our ATMs or Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs).

Just remember that when paying your fines, you must pay the exact amount, we can't accept partial payments. Some Dubai Police fines can only be paid at Dubai Police counters. You’ll find more information about this on the Dubai Police website.

Choose one of the options below to pay your fines now:


Payment limits

Using Mobile and Online Banking

Dubai Police and RTA fines must be paid in full when you're paying via Mobile or Online Banking. The maximum amount you can pay will be based on your banking package and daily transaction limits.

At ATMs and CDMs

If you're paying via ATMs or CDMs, you need to pay the exact amount of the fine.