Make a donation

Transfer cash to charitable organisations using mobile banking or cash deposit machines.

You can now make payments towards some of UAE’s renowned charitable organisations and show your support to the community. Here are some of the charitable organisations you make a donation towards in seconds using your Mobile Banking App:

  • Al Ihsan Charity Association
  • Al Jalila Foundation
  • Awqaf and Minor Affairs
  • Beit Al Khair Society
  • Community Development Authority
  • Dar Al Ber Society
  • Dubai Cares
  • Red Crescent
  • Zakat Fund - Sadaqat
  • Zakat Fund - Zakat Al Fitr
  • Zakat Fund - Zakat Al Maal

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Payment Limits

Mobile Banking

Minimum Limit: AED 1

Maximum Limit: AED 10,000



Minimum Limit: AED 10

Maximum Limit: AED 1,000