Learn more about current and savings accounts

Savings and current accounts have different purposes, you can have one or both

Should you open a current or savings account, or both?

Broadly speaking, a savings account is one you use to deposit your savings in and earn interest, while a current account is used to carry out multiple daily transactions and has a cheque book facility. The latter is usually a zero-interest account, but it allows you a safe place to keep your funds and have unlimited access to it. At Emirates NBD, you can open a Special Current Account that also earns you interest.



The difference between a current and a savings account

Here’s how a current account differs from a savings account:


A current account is meant for multiple daily transactions, but not all savings accounts are meant for this.

Cheque book

Current accounts provide you with a cheque book facility, savings accounts do not.


A savings account earns you interest, but a current account does not (except for special current account).

Overdraft facility

Overdrawing an account is taking out more money than is there. A savings account cannot be overdrawn, but a current account can.

Emirates NBD Current Accounts and Savings Accounts offer you a host of benefits you will enjoy.


Yes, you can hold multiple current or savings accounts at once. However, you can’t hold multiple accounts of Tiered Savings Accounts, Smart Saver Accounts in the same currency and Skywards Savings Accounts.

You can't convert a current account to a savings account, but you open a new savings account and transfer the balance from your current account to it.

If you hold a payroll or salary transfer account with Emirates NBD, you don't need to maintain a minimum average monthly balance. If you don't have a payroll or salary transfer account with us, or if you hold a company account, then you need to maintain a monthly minimum balance based on your banking package. If you fall short of this balance, you will be charged a fee.

The fees and charges for banking services are always determined by your banking package. You'll find more details on these links:

We only issue cheque books in AED. To issue a cheque in a different currency you can apply for a demand draft.

Emirates NBD offers you a choice of lifestyle and special banking packages packed with rewards and benefits. When you open a savings or current account at the bank, you’ll be slotted into a banking package based on your profile and needs.

A banking package will always be assigned to you by default as this helps us provide you with services, pricing and offers that best suit your needs.

You can look up your banking package at any time on Online Banking under Settings > My profile.