ATM fees and charges

Our ATMs are free of charge, but a fee applies for cash advances on credit cards

Emirates NBD ATMs

Emirates NBD ATMs are free of charge if you're using an Emirates NBD debit card.

Charges may apply when withdrawing money from other bank ATMs, locally and internationally, depending on your banking package. There’s more information on these links:

Cash Advance Fee on your credit card

A Cash Advance Fee of 3% or AED 99 (whichever is higher) applies when withdrawing cash from an ATM using a credit card. In addition, any time you make a cash advance transaction, you will start incurring finance charges. There’s more information here.



How to avoid ATM fees

  • Look for free Emirates NBD ATMs near you
  • Withdraw cash less frequently but in bigger amounts
  • Use your debit or credit card for your purchases and payments


No, there are no fees for cardless cash withdrawal.

No, there are no fees when withdrawing cash using your Emirates NBD Debit Card at an Emirates Islamic Bank ATM. If you withdraw cash using your Emirates NBD Credit Card, these fees will be apply.

Finance charges are calculated on an average daily balance basis for your retail purchases and cash advance transactions from the transaction date to the repayment date.

The bank can increase the finance charges if the cardholder is two or more payments overdue.