Apply for partial loan settlement

You can clear part of your Emirates NBD personal, home or car loan at any time

Reduce your installments or loan tenure

You can pay back a lump sum towards your personal, home or car loan if you have the funds to spare. This will help reduce your monthly installments or your loan tenure, depending on what you want. If you have multiple loans, it's a good idea to consider partially repaying the high interest loans first. Please note that fees and charges apply for partial loan clearance.


Conditions to apply for a partial settlement:

  • The partial settlement must be equal to, or more than, three EMIs or installments
  • You must pay at least the first EMI before applying for partial settlement
  • You must have direct debit as your mode of installment payment and have sufficient funds in your account.
  • For DDS and PDC loans customer can pay through the nearest branch

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Fees and charges

Personal loan partial settlement charges: 1% of partial settlement amount (or a maximum of AED 10,000)

Auto loan partial settlement charges: 1% of partial settlement amount (equivalent to 3 EMIs and above)

Home loan partial settlement charges: 1% of outstanding amount (or a maximum of AED 10,000)


Your first installment needs to be paid before you apply for a partial loan settlement.

The partial settlements needs to be worth at least 3 installments.

There is no maximum amount that you can pay towards partial settlement of your loan if you call us or visit a branch. However, if you use Online or Mobile banking to pay, the amount is capped at AED 60,000.

There are no restrictions on the number of partial settlements you can make by calling us or visiting a branch. However, if you make a payment using Online or Mobile banking, then you can make your next partial payment only after 3 months. If you wish to make a partial payment earlier, visit a branch or call us on +971 600 54 0000 and we’ll be happy to help.

You can choose to either maintain the same loan installments and reduce the tenure, or you can request to reduce your monthly installment amount and maintain the tenure.

You can simply request for the partial settlement via your online banking account. Or you can visit any of our branches to fill /sign the required forms.