2023 Global Investment Outlook: Mid-Year Update

Adapting to Unpredictability

Unpredictability is our theme for this year. Indeed, against most predictions, all major asset classes were positive in the first half, the best in 20 years for stocks from developed markets. The good news is that our strategies fully participated: we precisely started the year by materially increasing our allocation to DM stocks. The reason is not that we predicted the rally: we dedicated our efforts to optimizing our strategic asset allocation, following the correlation shock of 2022. The other good news of 2023 is that diversification works again, it’s a great time for multi asset portfolios.

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Global Investment Outlook 2023

Adapting to unpredictability

2022 was more than a collection of adverse events, combining to depress all major asset classes. It was a transition from an era of low inflation, abundant liquidity, and happy globalization to a more complex and unstable one. As unpredictability has become the norm for 2023 and beyond, portfolios must adapt to a new landscape of risks, and opportunities.

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Market Matters

Hosted by Maurice Gravier, Chief Investment Officer and Khatija Haque, Head of Research & Chief Economist at Emirates NBD. Together with their teams, they will provide you with the latest insights on the economy and markets, and how these may impact your investments and business decisions.

In the latest episode, Khatija Haque and Maurice Gravier discuss the outlook for the global economy this year and how investors position themselves to take advantage of higher interest rates and faster growth in Emerging Markets.

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