Term Loans

Our Terms Loans are designed with your needs in mind, helping you to manage your cashflow and grow your business. We offer loans of flexible terms and competitive interest rates, so you get the cash you need and pay it off through regular payments over a timescale that makes sense for your organisation.


Securing the right office or property for your business can provide a strong foundation for success and a key asset for your balance sheet. As one of the UAE’s premier business lenders, we can help you finance your real estate purchase or leverage your current real estate assets to inject cash into your business.

  • Home and Office Mortgage Loans: Emirates NBD offers market leading office, home and commercial mortgage loans for your business. Our expert team will help you set up a loan for up to AED 7 million towards the purchase of ready built commercial property, so you can set up in an ideal location and capitalize on ownership of real estate.
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  • Loans Against Property: Emirates NBD’s Business Banking Property Power Loan is the perfect way to work the value of your property harder. Whether you are salaried, self-employed or you own a company, we can provide a loan of up to AED 7 million (maximum 70% of market value for UAE nationals or 60% for expatriates) over a maximum of 15 years against your commercial or residential property.
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Vehicle Loans

You need the right equipment to do the job, and inevitably you have to update your commercial vehicles or machinery from time to time, or increase the size of your fleet. Our cost-effective financing and loan options allow you to act on your plans without delay to improve your efficiency and performance.

Commercial Vehicle Loans

Our Commercial Vehicle Loans make sure you have the vehicles you need to drive your business forward. They are perfect for trucks, heavy buses, multi-utility vehicles, pick-ups, light commercial vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, trailers or vans. We can finance 90% of the necessary costs at attractive interest rates for loans up to AED 7 million for new and used vehicles, as well as the cost of insurance premiums.

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Construction Equipment Loans

If you are looking to expand your business or need more equipment to respond to a major new contract, our Construction Equipment Loans will provide you with customized financing options, for both new and used equipment. Loans of up to AED 5 million for 85% of equipment cost and insurance coverage are available for a maximum of 36 months.

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Fleet Financing

If it is time to grow or replace your company’s fleet of cars, then our Fleet Financing plan can help you, for either new and used vehicles. Financing is available for up to 80% of the fleet value and repayable over up to 60 months.

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Auto Loans

Car loans specially tailored to the needs of your business are just a call away. We can help you update your executive or commercial fleet, as well as specialised truck and other vehicles, to make sure that they remain in tip top condition and your maintenance costs are minimised.

Project Financing

Emirates NBD has the right experience and expertise to help you finance your large-scale infrastructure or industrial projects, with repayments based on the cash flow generated by your project. Our team will help you put in place the right long-term financing plan, aligned with the nature of your project and the needs of your business.

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