Tanfeeth starts off the year in high spirits by proclaiming 2021 as the Year of Exceptional Service (Y.E.S)

It was a bold decision made by the Tanfeeth Executive Committee and leadership team to announce 2021 as the Year of Exceptional Service (Y.E.S) especially after the turbulent events of 2020.

At Emirates NBD Group and Tanfeeth, we understand how to take on a challenge and in order for us to increase our competitive advantage, it is crucial for us to embed the Y.E.S. mindset into the way we work and continue to focus on the overall experience we are providing to our customers.

In line with Tanfeeth's value of 'We Care' and gear two of Tanfeeth's Guiding Principles to 'Provide a Remarkable Customer Experience', Tanfeeth is ready to dedicate 2021 to provide our customers with 'exceptional service' that aims to be both simple and seamless with every interaction, every time.

The Y.E.S. mindset is adaptable to every employee, whether we are customer facing or not, we must all realize that everything we do on a daily basis eventually has an impact on our customers and the experience they receive. The Y.E.S. mindset change can only take place when we all contribute to this experience, which is what truly matters.

Did all of you see the 'Y.E.S challenge' video released by Tanfeeth's EXCO Members last week? What a hit.

The video received more than 1400 views and over 70 shares across Tanfeeth's Social Media platforms. We hope all of you enjoyed seeing our Tanfeeth EXCO's creative take on creating an exceptional customer experience every time.

In the upcoming weeks, and in order to succeed in our mission, all of the Tanfeeth Operation units will be holding extensive Pain. Optimize. Perception (P.O.P) sessions in order to:

  • Identify our main pain points highlighted through different areas such as Voice of Customer complaints, stakeholder feedback and excessive service efforts
  • Review our most critical service levels against our competition and seek opportunities to optimize and raise the bar
  • Explore ways in which we can influence customers' perceptions of the service we provide, to ensure that they actually feel the difference

Each unit within Tanfeeth will be receiving their own unit specific P.O.P session outcomes to ensure all the teams are aligned with their own Y.E.S. goals for the remainder of the year.

As the Tanfeeth value indicates, it is very important that we show how much 'We Care' about our customers and begin enhancing the way we approach their needs and concerns. By taking ownership of any situation, we will be able to achieve our mission to become the best service experience provider we can be throughout 2021, the Year of Exceptional Service, and beyond.

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