Tanfeeth takes on Risk Awareness and Ownership during Risk Awareness Month.

While all of us may know the Tanfeeth Value of 'Alert' - do we understand how to practice this Value in our everyday work? In our industry, we must prioritize risk management in order to stay on top of the various critical risks we face every day in managing our customers' business.

Employees cannot become risk-savvy on their own but instead they require strategic education, commitment, creativity, and a team dedicated to the on-going process of training to ensure we follow best-practices, and our employees are well-versed in the area of Risk Management. This dedicated team is our Tanfeeth Operational Risk team led by our Head of Operational Risk, Mohammad Rashed Bin Sulaiman and all Tanfeeth Risk functions led by their risk managers and champions.

At the virtual launch of Risk Awareness Month Mohammad spoke on how the goal of Risk Awareness Month is to remind us all that we are the shield of our organization; we are all responsible to protect our reputation and customers and we must always live by our value "We Are Alert".

Post launch, the Risk team with the support of their Risk Champions and ENBD Group Risk leaders took on an action-packed calendar of Expert talks, unit-specific roadshows, trainings and quizzes all for us to stay informed and educate ourselves on this very important issue and it has been a complete success.

Here are some of the highlights of Risk Awareness Month in numbers:

  • 1000+ staff attended the virtual launch of Risk Awareness Month
  • 8 Expert Talk sessions attended by 3800+ staff
  • 2000+ staff attended 8-unit specific roadshows
  • 468 staff attempted weekly quizzes
  • 35+ winners throughout the month

The ripple of risk management took over Tanfeeth and made an impact on most, Chanake, Head of PCS stated "as a financial institution we need to be aware of the risks that surround us. With the rapid evolution of technology, the risks we are now exposed to have significantly increased. The Risk awareness month was an excellent initiative to bring about the necessary awareness of these risks, and what we could do to prevent them, to safeguard our organization, customers and ourselves".

Thank you to the respective Risk teams and Champions for making this month efficacious – we must continue to spread and raise awareness on Risk Management and remember that Risk Management is not a responsibility of a specific team or Risk Champions, but we all should wear our Risk Champions hat all the time.

In the words of Mohammad Rashed, embedding effective Risk Management in our organization's culture is crucial to gain the respect and trust of our customers, peers and stakeholders and to create a safe and fulfilling environment for our people.

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