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Trust is key in our dealings with our customers. Without transparency, there can be no trust. That is why transparency underpins all our actions and communications with our customers.

We promise that you will have relevant information during every stage of your relationship with us. This information will be clear and easily accessible on a channel of your choice. It will contain your rights and responsibilities as a customer, including bank contact information and the means to end your banking relationship should you choose to do so. It will also contain details of our fees and pricing.

Education and Awareness

We constantly develop new and improved ways and means to help customers develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to understand financial risks and opportunities, make informed choices and know how to get help should they need it.

Our company culture dictates that our customer’s best interests come first – this includes always keeping our customers informed and educated not just about our products and services, but about opportunities for growth and financial wellbeing.

We consider security awareness as the basic element of our customer education programme where our aim is to change the behaviour of our customers so they can always be vigilant and neve succumb to fraud.

We also encourage our customers to be well informed and responsible financial consumers, to ask the right questions and report any concerns.

Promo  Education and Awareness

Service Performance and standards

Promo We recognize that the

We recognize that the quality and standards of our products and services, the technology we use, the commitment of our employees and our innovative spirit have a big impact on the performance of our bank. These factors help us maintain our competitive edge while building better relationships with our customers.

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Our products and services are designed to meet rigorous service performance standards. Our processes include multiple control mechanisms to identify and address system and administrative errors through Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management tools before going to market.

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We set customer expectations from the outset of any new development with clear and timely communications, to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Our employees go through regular training so they have a good understanding of our products and policies and can serve our customers’ needs in the best manner possible.

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Customer complaints

Every Emirates NBD customer has the right to report or register a complaint about any product or service that does not meet their expectations.

We provide access to complaints handling mechanisms that are accessible and efficient in line with UAE Central Bank and UAE Bank Federation guidelines.

Customer protection and privacy

We value every customer’s right to privacy. We pledge to protect the personal data we collect and to use it only for the purpose intended in line with U.A.E. Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Regulation (CPR).
This is how we protect you:

Promo  Any personal and

Any personal and financial information you share with us will be protected and used only in ways you authorize us to.

Promo  We will use your

We use your information to tailor financial solutions we offer you including opportunities to help you reach your financial goals.

Promo  We will not share your

We will not share your information with external companies unless we have your consent, or are required to by law.

Promo We strive to keep

We strive to keep all customer information on record with us, accurate. This includes periodic reminders to customers to update their information with us.

Promo  We ensure

We take every measure to ensure that customer privacy is respected.

Promo  We protect financial

We protect financial and personal information through control and protection mechanisms governed by robust internal processes and technology.

For further details, please refer to the Bank's prevailing Data Privacy Policy

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