Emirates NBD launches My Heart Speaks Arabic initiative

Emirates NBD launches 'My Heart Speaks Arabic' initiative

2 Min | 01 January 2013
Emirates NBD launches 'My Heart Speaks Arabic' initiative
  • Initiative to be driven across all communication channels with focus on social media platforms
  • Seeks to link Arabic language influencers with local community

Dubai, December 16, 2013: Emirates NBD, a leading bank in the region, announced today the launch of "My Heart Speaks Arabic," an initiative that seeks to celebrate the richness and beauty of Arabic language. Representative of the bank's close association with the history, culture, tradition and heritage of the Arab World, the community-focused programme aims to bring together the influencers and the Arabic speaking community and admirers through a range of initiatives.

"At Emirates NBD, we believe the celebration of Arabic language in all its depth and richness is extremely important, particularly given its current status as the fifth most widely spoken language in the world with more than 285 million native speakers," said Saif Al Mansoori, Deputy Head – Group Marketing and Branding, Emirates NBD. "In line with our role as a community-focused bank offering dedicated financial services to over a million customers from various countries, Emirates NBD is pleased to launch "My Heart Speaks Arabic" initiative that will add value to the lives of residents."

"My Heart Speaks Arabic" project will support the beauty of Arabic language through a three-pronged approach that includes organising exhibitions and networking forums to showcase the Arabic work of regional authors, poets, artists and musicians, sponsoring or supporting organisations that work on like-minded initiatives and co-ordinating interactive fun activities in Arabic language on social media platforms. As part of this initiative, Emirates NBD has produced a song titled "My Heart Speaks Arabic" to be aired across all radio stations in the UAE in early 2014. A series of animated cartoons on social media platforms also highlight the beauty of Arabic in a fun-focused initiative.

"Emirates NBD believes there is unlimited scope within this project to raise awareness and interest in Arabic and create a snowball effect that links Arabic influencers with language enthusiasts in on-going social media initiative," said Al Mansoori. "It is also fitting that this community-focused initiative is being launched this year to coincide with Arabic Language Day on December 18, and in the year that we are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of our establishment as the first national Bank in the UAE, with Arabic closely linked to our history and tradition."

The campaign is expected to be sustained through competitions, conversations, sharing of content, engagement on Emirates NBD's social media platforms. Additionally, there will be a creative support that encourages people to join in the conversation under the hashtag #heartspeaksarabic.

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