Ijarah is commonly used for medium- and long-term fixed asset financing, project financing, plant and machinery, equipment, vehicles, and such. It enables enterprises to acquire assets such as capital goods and high-cost equipment for which they do not have funds to make large up-front payments.

Forward Ijarah

Fund your asset construction in a Shari’ah compliant manner with Forward Ijarah. This is a type of Islamic Financing that involves the sale of a clearly specified underlying asset that is currently being produced or constructed, as well as a forward lease agreement.

Murabaha Finance

Murabaha is a sale transaction where the seller discloses the cost and profit to the buyer at the time of execution of sale.


Musharaka is an attractive financing tool for corporate clients who require financing for general business purposes. Under a Musharaka financing arrangement, and depending on the amount to be financed, the bank becomes a partner in your business, or in a specific business segment.


Fulfil your liquidity needs in the absence of business assets through Shari’ah compliant monetization tools. Tawarruq is a type of Islamic finance structure, which allows clients to meet their working capital and long-term financing requirements.

Mudaraba Finance

Mudaraba Finance is a partnership between a capital provider (‘Rab Al Mal’) and a business (‘Mudarib’)


Wakala is an agency contract, where the bank appoints the client to carry out specific Shari’ah compliant investment activities as per a specified plan, to generate expected returns.

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