What is Partial Payment of Cheque

If there are insufficient funds in the account, then under this new facility, beneficiary can partially encash the funds available in the account. The beneficiary gets to retain the cheque till the complete Cheque value is recovered.

Who can avail of this service?

Any beneficiary of a Emirates NBD cheque can visit any of our branches to avail this facility.

Basic requirements for availing this service

  • Partial payments can be initiated only if a cheque was returned unpaid due to insufficient funds.
  • The cheque must not be stale (not more than 180 days from the cheque date)
  • The cheque must be valid in all other respect
  • Payment will be made to the beneficiary of the cheque only

With the cheque the following documents are necessary

  • Cheque and cheque return memo (with reason of return as insufficient funds)
  • Identification documents
    • For Individual – Passport/Emirates ID
    • For Non-Individual – TL copy or POA copy along with Passport/Emirates ID of the Authorized signatory or POA as applicable
  • Filled and signed Request for Partial Cheque Payment Form (available on our forms Center)

Fees and Charges

  • Customers availing of partial payment, the beneficiary, will not be charged any fees.
  • The payer, whose account is being debited, will be charged AED 5/- for every instance of partial payment.

Transaction advice

  • A certificate of partial payment will be issued to the beneficiary availing the partial payment service
  • The original cheque will be returned to the beneficiary after endorsing the partial payment details on the cheque
  • The payer of the cheque will receive a msg with details of the transaction in case customer has registered for SMS services

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