Partial cheque payment

If you don’t have the full amount in your account, your beneficiary can request partial cheque payment

When to use this facility

If you’ve received a local bank cheque and the cheque payer doesn’t have sufficient funds in their account to cover the entire amount, you can partially encash the cheque until the full value is recovered.

There are no charges for partial cheque payment.


To avail a partial cheque payment in Emirates NBD, make sure:

  • You are the beneficiary
  • The cheque is returned unpaid due to insufficient funds in the sender’s account
  • The cheque is processed at Emirates NBD
  • The cheque is not stale (more than 180 days from the due date)

How to apply

Visit one of our branches and bring along the following documents:

  • The original cheque and the ‘cheque returned’ memo which must state ‘insufficient funds’
  • Identification documents
    • For individuals: passport or Emirates ID
    • For non-individuals: trade license, Power attorney (POA) copy along with passport or Emirates ID of the authorised POA signatory
  • The Partial Cheque Payment  form accurately filled in and signed

What happens next

Once you apply for a partial cheque payment, whatever balance is available in the cheque payer’s account will be transferred to you. For the remaining balance, a cheque balance certificate will be provided by the bank which will include the outstanding amount and the due date to receive the amount i.e., the cheque validity date.