Inclusion is not a necessity

The focus on inclusion is a part of the wider vision, aligned with United Nations’ SDGs and UAE Vision 2030 of building a cohesive society. In line with this vision, we at Emirates NBD are doing our part in ushering in a positive change to reduce barriers, clear perceptions and advocate the long-lasting benefits of a diversified workplace.

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Collaboration for sustainable impact

Our process is designed following extensive research. We collaborate with strategic partners and educators to create meaningful and long-lasting solutions. Learnings from our own experiences of creating success for people with disabilities have helped us chart a clear vision with purpose.

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Their stories


26 Years Old, Seeking Meaningful Employment (Visually Impaired)

"I love to explore and discover new things, especially any new technology that may be related to visually impaired people. As a child, I loved listening to music that later turned to my passion for playing a piano. When I started playing a piano at an early age, I also started composing my own music notes while playing piano. I like to explore new technology related to music or podcasts as I also give podcast to guide and help people who are visually impaired. I give podcasts in Arabic and English both, I love to socialize and through my podcasts I’m able to reach many people out of my community."


19 Years Old, Laundry Attendant, DoubleTree by Hilton (Down Syndrome)

"I like to do drawing, and I like to do dancing. I like songs. I like to bake and I like baking sweet cakes. First put the cake, put cream, white color pink color after you finish you put in oven, I put in oven. My hobbies are playing basketball, tennis, I like football and cricket. And what else… I am excited to listen to songs, I feel happy to go for outing, my friend and I went to the party and we had nice fun, it was a nice party. I loved the dance. I like dancing, I feel happy with song and I’m so excited.

I draw circles and trees, paint, coloring. I like to draw house and coloring, painting. That’s it. You know sorry I will tell yellow, orange, green purple, white, I paint in these colors, and I do paint. Purple color you know, I do the painting and coloring and after I do I feel happy."


26 Years Old, Supply Chain Assistant, Unilever (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

"Lately, I have been sensing the absence of a friend, he’s moving to Canada. I had met him at church during a Friday mass. I think Friday mass at church brought me closer to my family. After Friday mass, we all go out for lunch. I love my family, my life’s been influenced the most by them; they mean a lot to me. My father is my hero. He is always supportive of my dreams and ambitions. My dream is to serve my family and be able to stay close to my loved ones for the rest of my life."


24 Years Old, Seeking Meaningful Employment (Visually Impaired)

"My parents are truly an incredible source of inspiration. They have always taught me to give back. Give back to people, give back to my community, give back to the world. You know I consider it to be my responsibility. I believe speech is what binds people together; linguistics can break a barrier among any community, bringing forth diversity. It helps develop or perhaps even transcend an understanding of ideologies across various dialects and cultures. I want to become a translator, I just love to learn, and language has always been fascinating to me. I have always been curious to learn new words and phrases. I feel like it’s a great way to get closer to people through emotional understanding."


26 Years Old, CSR Coordinator, Emirates NBD (Down Syndrome)

"I adore myself and I’m very proud of myself. I had won gold and a bronze medal for the Special Olympics World Games that was held in Abu Dhabi. These days, I’m busy practicing for FAME (fashion, arts, music and entertainment) for special needs. I have been participating since last year, and this year FAME is going to be huge. I’m excited about my cat walk for fashion show and my speech where I will speak about my experience during Special Olympics. I just love it when I get famous; my dream is to become popular across the world like a celebrity. It’s an amazing feeling when I see my family, friends and fans loving me. I want to make my family happy."

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A world without barriers for People with Disabilities

#TogetherLimitless is an advocacy platform for persons with disabilities. A part of Emirates NBD’s Social Investment Strategy Framework, the platform is driven by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UAE Vision 2030. Since inception, #TogetherLimitless has undertaken several initiatives for disability mainstreaming, including quarterly town-hall sessions to build community awareness; launching the Careers Network for workplace inclusion; transforming the bank’s branches with disability-friendly facilities and promoting financial inclusion.



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