About Virtual Accounts

Track your receivables by creating and maintaining virtual accounts through businessONLINE. Virtual Accounts allow you to identify payers without having to rely on additional information in the account credits, while actual funds are being received in the underlying physical account, all in real-time.

Features of Virtual Accounts

Bulk virtual account creation/maintenance via file upload.

Pre-activated for immediate use.

Flexibility to define the corporate reference of the payer in the virtual account.

Deposit cash, cheques and receive local & international payments.

Online virtual account report downloads.

Benefits of Virtual Accounts

Save cost with reduced overheads and reconciliation errors.

Simplified reconciliation and payer identification.

Shorter sales cycle with reduced days sales outstanding.

Easy transaction tracking with the availability of detailed reports.

Improved reconciliation at the payer levels.

Want to know more about Virtual Accounts?

Watch this video where we’ve demonstrated how Virtual Accounts can help you simplify reconciliation.
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