Here’s some of the reasons you should consider joining Emirates NBD:

Promo  be part of nation

Be part of our nation’s success story

With deep historical ties to Dubai and the UAE, we’ve helped to elevate our nation onto the global economic stage and solidify its reputation for achieving the impossible.

From the biggest hotels, most recognizable landmarks and iconic events like Expo 2020, we’ve played a role in their success, and you can too.

Discover our programmes and benefits for experienced Emiratis
Bankers aren’t boring

Make a real impact

At Emirates NBD, there’s no sitting on the sidelines. You’ll be involved in strategic projects from day one, and we encourage all Emiratis to put their hand up to be involved in any initiative you’re interested in. Want to build global experience? We’ll help you find role opportunities across our international offices in locations like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and London Knightsbridge.

Accellerated professional growth

Accelerated career growth

Accelerated career growth

The career opportunities we offer Emiratis who demonstrate solid performance are unrivalled, especially through priority access to new internal roles, promotional opportunities and high-profile strategic projects. As inspiration, look no further than our Emirates NBD Board and leadership team including some of the most distinguished Emirati names in business.

Worldclass professional development

World-class professional development

Ever dreamed of studying on-campus at Oxford University or completing your MBA in Switzerland? Working for Emirates NBD means you can earn qualifications from the world’s best tertiary institutions. Get your degree sponsored by us and enjoy priority access to internal programmes like our bank-wide coaching and mentoring initiative too.

Digital leadership

Digital leadership

Banking innovation is in our DNA. By joining Emirates NBD, you’ll get first-hand exposure to some of the industry’s most advanced innovation and technology, complimented by extensive digital and data training programmes too.

Competitive compensation and benefits

We absolutely reward good performance and that’s complimented by some of the industry’s best benefits and perks. You’ll get an Emirati allowance, discounted banking products, full pay and benefits during military service, and a competitive pension. Our maternity and paternity policies are some of the most generous in the industry and we also invest significantly in internal recognition programmes too.

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Other benefits of working with us

Work from home

Our flexible work policy means you can work regularly from home or anywhere else in the UAE. That means if you live outside Dubai, you can still consider a career with us. We also value your work life balance with generous holiday leave and other leave options including for Hajj, studying and to volunteer within the community.

Diverse colleagues

By working with us, you’ll get to meet people from over 85 countries and who collectively speak over 130 languages. In doing so, you can build a global network and benefit from lots of different perspectives too.

A strong brand

By joining Emirates NBD, you're part of an organisation that boasts one of the strongest and most recognisable banking brands in the UAE and broader region.

Promo  Build a sustainable future

Build a sustainable future

Just as the UAE plans long-term to ensure the success of our nation for our future generations, so do we. We’ve established a dedicated Sustainability department, we’re expanding our sustainability investment offerings, and we’ve got a large and growing number of internal sustainability initiatives underway including to reduce our emissions.

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