Our multi-tiered Emiratisation strategy


Partnering with government entities through programmes like NAFIS to connect Emirati job seekers to roles


Collaborating with leading UAE schools and universities to recognise and engage top banking talent early


Providing entry-level opportunities for early-stage Emirati professionals including globally benchmarked graduate programmes and internships


Engaging experienced Emiratis through world-class professional development opportunities and accelerated career paths

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Dedicated Emiratisation department

We’ve doubled the size of our Emiratisation team and uniquely this includes a unit completely focused on enhancing Emirati retention and engagement.

That’s because we know finding the best Emiratis in the market is only the first step to being a leading employer of UAE Nationals. Once you join us, ensuring you constantly feel professionally developed, challenged and engaged is mission-critical too.

That’s exactly what our Emirati retention team ensures by meeting with UAE Nationals on a daily basis and being there to ensure you get whatever support you need. 

Government partnerships

Our long-term government partnerships help us connect Emirati job seekers at all professional levels to meaningful employment opportunities with us. It also ensures our Emiratisation strategy and programmes align with the government’s broader vision and strategic employment initiatives too.

Collaborating with schools and universities

We recognise the huge value and potential of nurturing our Emirati top talent as early as possible, from the UAE’s best schools and universities. You’ll often find us at both, speaking to students about the banking sector, hosting events like hackathons, and attending all of the UAE’s major career fairs to explain the opportunities we offer especially through internships and graduate programmes.

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