Here’s just some of the fantastic programmes and opportunities we offer experienced UAE Nationals at Emirates NBD:

Get your MBA or next degree sponsored by us

Our university sponsorship programme means you can get up to 75 percent of your bachelor’s degree, MBA or PhD financially covered by us. We’ve sponsored MBAs from leading universities like the London Business School and the IMD Business School in Switzerland as two examples, as well as from many Dubai-based institutions too.

Leadership qualifications from Oxford University and INSEAD

We’ve sent our best performing Emiratis to study on-campus at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. We also have partnerships with other leading institutions like INSEAD and Hult, so you can get accredited with the world’s best leadership qualifications.

Exclusive training programmes through our National Development Programme (NDP)

We have Emirati-exclusive training programmes to ensure you’re up-to-date especially on the latest digital and data trends. They’re offered through Oxford University, INSEAD and Hult, and via corporate thought-leaders like PwC. We aim for every Emirati to complete at least three courses through their NDP every year.

Build your digital expertise

Our “Get Future Ready” programme is a very significant investment that ensures everyone’s continuously upskilling in their roles and 50 percent of that investment is allocated to Emiratis. Whether you want to switch careers to become a Data Scientist, become an agile practitioner, build skills and knowledge in important areas like data analytics, or just better use digital technology in your role, it’s all at your fingertips.

Branch manager development programmes

We’ve launched specific programmes for UAE branch managers so you can reskill into new, high-growth role opportunities. One example is “Qada,’ launched in 2023, and that combines digital and data learning alongside coaching and mentoring to open up new career opportunities and roles.

Prioritised access to our coaching and mentoring programme

We also offer Emiratis prioritised access to our internal coaching and mentoring programme, ensuring you can build networks and learn directly from some of our bank’s most senior business leaders.
Promo  Leap into a new career

Leap into a new career

In 2023, we announced our commitment to career mobility so everyone can transition into new roles and career paths, outside what they’re currently doing. We strongly encourage all UAE Nationals to take advantage of this programme so you can broaden your career horizons and build new skills.

Other reasons to join us

Be part of our nation success story

Be part of our nation’s success story

With deep historical ties to Dubai and the UAE, we’ve helped to elevate our nation onto the global economic stage and solidify its reputation for achieving the impossible.

From the biggest hotels, most recognizable landmarks and iconic events like Expo 2020, we’ve played a role in their success, and you can too.

Make a real impact

Make a real impact

At Emirates NBD, there’s no sitting on the sidelines. You’ll be involved in strategic projects from day one, and we encourage all Emiratis to put their hand up to be involved in any initiative you’re interested in. Want to build global experience? We’ll help you find role opportunities across our international offices in locations like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and London Knightsbridge.
Accelerated career growth

Accelerated career growth

The career opportunities we offer Emiratis who demonstrate solid performance are unrivalled, especially through priority access to new internal roles, promotional opportunities and high-profile strategic projects. As inspiration, look no further than our Emirates NBD Board and leadership team including some of the most distinguished Emirati names in business.
Digital leadership

Digital leadership

Banking innovation is in our DNA. By joining Emirates NBD, you’ll get first-hand exposure to some of the industry’s most advanced innovation and technology, complimented by extensive digital and data training programmes too.

One-on-one career support

You’ll receive ongoing direct career support including personalised development plans identifying your long term career goals, and a clear path to reach them through targeted roles and learning programmes. Our Learning and Development department is always on-hand to support, as is our Emiratisation team who you’ll catch up with regularly too.

One to one career support

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