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Our experienced recruiters give you some quick and handy tips on excelling an interview.

Elevator pitch

Elevator pitch

Imagine you have to pitch yourself to someone in the time it takes to go from the 1st floor to the 4th.

Prepare a short description of your career achievements, add some interesting facts about your personality and express your entire experience in a nutshell.

Be on time

Be on time

Firstly, an interview is valuable business time spent by a recruiter as well as yourself.

Secondly, being punctual shows how committed is a candidate to get the job. Besides, punctuality also displays responsibility, maturity and business ethics, which are highly regarded and valued at Emirates NBD and any other company.

Types of questions

Types of questions candidates should ask

Well thought questions that are industry and role-specific, based on the job description, will make a good impression on the recruiter and help you differentiate yourself.

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