How will I grow

How will I grow?

  • Learn the fundamentals of banking
  • Equip yourself with digital knowledge and skills, especially in areas like analytics
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence, work ethic, conflict resolution ability and critical thinking
  • Track and improve your performance with a dedicated coach

What is the selection process?

  • First phone interview and screening
  • Second interview with our HR team
  • Psychometric testing to match you to the right role
  • Third and final interview with the role’s management team

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What is the selection process
How will I grow

Who do you look for?

  • UAE Nationals with no or very limited work experience with a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • You must be ambitious, ready to take on challenges and willing to learn
  • You also need to love diversity; working with over 85 different nationalities across our teams.

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