The Disability Friendly Branch (DFB) Project

Implemented in 2016, The Disability Friendly Branch (DFB) project was initiated to facilitate and ease the banking experience for our PwD customers. The three-phase transformation integrates infrastructure, technology and services to enable and enhance accessibility features.


Disability-friendly branches


Disability friendly branch elements (including assistive technology)


Facilities in Dubai


Facilities in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain


Facilities in Sharjah & N.E


Branches with Assistive technologies


Staff trained DET+ASL

Assistive Technology

We are redefining PwD customer experiences by thoughtfully integrating technology with human interactions.


Independently communicate with branch staff using ASL

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Braille Printer

Open accounts using documents printed in Braille

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Hearing Induction Loop

Easing communication for customers using hearing aids

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Traveler HD

Read bank documents by customising settings to suit visual capabilities

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Tactile Map

Facilitating navigation within our branches

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Ensuring priority and enabling accessibility

Our state-of-the-art technology and trained staff are committed to making banking experience easy and convenient for our PwD customers.

Priority tickets at disability friendly branches

Staff trained on ‘Disability Etiquette’, American Sign Language and Emirati Sign Language

Full access to assistive technologies deployed at our branches

Bank with us at your nearest Disability Friendly Branch. To find your nearest disability friendly branch and to obtain a complete list of our disability friendly branches and their accessibility features, please click here.

Our stories

Bettering our community, one story at a time.

Tanfeeth - Communications, home finance (Physically impaired)


Meet Khaldoun, our colleague at Tanfeeth since September 2018. His favorite thing about Tanfeeth is that he has a very supportive team leader and colleagues. His working environment is very friendly and that helps manage stress when dealing with the customers.

His greatest accomplishment is that he has managed to build great working relationships in many departments. Khaldoun’s dream is to start his own company and after 5 years he aspires to be a successful businessman.

Khaldoun believes that for him every moment in his life is the happiest moment. He works hard during the day and enjoys the evenings with his family and friends. He enjoys playing basketball and also engaging in online gaming.

His biggest motivation in life is his mother, and in his words “I live this life to see her smile”.

Tanfeeth Leadership program, Training (Visually Impaired)

Yahye Abdi Siyad

Here’s Yahye Abdi Siyad, our colleague at our Tanfeeth office who has been working with us for over two years.

Yahye is a person who is differently abled but leads a regular structured lifestyle. His day starts with morning prayers, followed by a healthy workout and then he tries his best to catch the bus to work. He loves his job immensely and feels well included within the team and people he works with.

Yahye is a passionate and an ambitious professional very focused on his goals but he is also a true family man at heart. A proud father of two daughters, an ardent athlete, highly educated and a strong advocate for people of determination, sky is the limit for Yahye!

Yahye’s main goal in life is to help others realize their potential. Graduating with a Master’s degree and living an independent life in UK was his greatest accomplishment in life. He aspires to complete his PhD and work at a multinational company or NGO advocating for accessibility and inclusion.

Yahye is an epitome of hope and perseverance whose positive attitude has led him to walk his journey of success today! A true inspiration for each of us and we are extremely proud to have him in our EmiratesNBD family!

Tanfeeth (Hearing impaired)


This is Zia, a colleague at the our Tanfeeth office. Zia is a Person with Disability with hearing and speech impairments and in the year and half that we have known him, he has proven that having a disability is not being handicapped.

He loves his job, and his happiest memory is the day he was hired to work at Tanfeeth. Zia is motivated by the support and accolades he receives from his manager as well as the enabling work culture. Despite being an extrovert he enjoys simple tasks like processing CDM and ARC transactions, as much as he loves dancing and modeling.

He is a hardworking man and his ambition is driven by a desire to support his family and make them proud. Zia strives to make a mark in the corporate world and aspires to be promoted to a manager in just 5 years. His story is an example for us to learn how to overcome the challenges faced, how to conquer a disability, and in the end emerge as a victor. As Stephen Hawking very aptly said, ‘Disability need not be an obstacle to success’.


"I have seen the ease with which people with physical disabilities are handled and Emirates NBD is leading in this field. I feel proud to bank there when I see this."

PwD customer


"I noticed that you have tactile pathways - through that you can navigate through the different departments of the branch - this is a good feature."

PwD customer


"Tanfeeth as an entity got exposed to a PwD program around 3 years ago and a program like Together Limitless has been a principle key factor for us to drive the entire program"



"Diversity is all about having the right inclusion strategy and our Accessibility program is striving very hard while doing that. We should be really proud of each and every individual that is coming together and doing this, as it does not only impact one person, rather their whole family and the community. It is a great gesture by the Bank and the Group and we must continue to focus on that."



"The bank has adapted for the disabled in the society and it is a big and positive move by the bank to show that we are for everyone. There is diversity for everything – not just nationalities."



"I was at the Springs Souk branch which was for disabled people and the design was fantastic”. “What we are offering is something that has never been offered outside – we treat the PwDs not only as customers rather as one of our people and as our family member."



"The focus of the bank is beyond financial and that makes us proud to work at Emirates NBD."



"I am very proud to say that we have been recognized by the government twice as our brand has been on top of the lead of making our branches PwD friendly. This is not present across all the banks and establishments in the UAE. This is very fulfilling."



"The different PWD features in the accessible branches are well thought out and easy to navigate. The fact that the features are not just restricted to ramps, tactile indicators, hearing loop etc. is something that we have found inspiring. The bank has gone the extra mile in being in step with all new innovations in the field and incorporating the same in its branches to make PWD banking convenient and up to international standards."



"Emirates NBD’s accessible branches are probably the most accessible in the UAE and the region. We believe that the elements included help make the banking experience of People of Determination more streamlined and accessible."



"I’m proud of my employer and I love the services they provide. My colleagues are very kind and they treat me with respect and they include me in everything they feel I should

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