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Why do we need your information?

As per the regulations set by Central Bank of the UAE, all banks need to maintain valid identity documents, information for their customers, at all times. This helps the banks know and understand their customers and their financial dealings to be able to serve them better and manage risks prudently.
How can you prove your income?

Provide salary certificate from your employer or bank statements reflecting salary credit (last 3 months).

What is Politically Exposed Person?

Natural persons who are or have been entrusted with prominent public functions in the State or any other foreign country such as Heads of States or Governments, senior politicians, senior government officials, judicial or military officials, senior executive managers of state-owned corporations, and senior officials of political parties and persons who are, or have previously been, entrusted with the management of an international organisation or any prominent function within such an organisation; and the definition also includes the following:

– Direct family members (of the PEP, who are spouses, children, spouses of children, parents).

– Associates known to be close to the PEP ,which include:‒ Individuals having joint ownership rights in a legal person or arrangement or any other close Business Relationship with the PEP.

– Individuals having individual ownership rights in a legal person or arrangement established in favour of the PEP.

Points to remember

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