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Access your account even more quickly with our Phone Banking

Our IVR for Phone Banking service is designed to recognize your banking relationship, identify your account information and provide relevant options so that you can get faster access for all your banking related queries.

Key services available in our IVR

  • Check your Account, Card and Loan balances easily
  • Activate your Debit/Credit Card in a few seconds
  • Enquire and redeem your Card Reward Points
  • Instantly enroll for e-Statements
  • Get started with Online/Mobile Banking registration or recover forgotten user ID/password
  • Make local and international transfers
  • Pay your utility bills, top-up your Salik account
  • Apply for Fixed and Recurring Deposit Accounts
  • Get faster access to key functions using shortcut keys

With features as great as these, we're sure you'll spend lesser time on the phone and more time doing the things you truly enjoy!

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Details of the Phone Banking function

  • Language Selection

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. Hindi

  • Customer Selection

  • Emirates NBD customer services

You will be asked to enter your 16- digit debit / credit card number & PIN post which various service options will be played.

For Loan only customers, the authentication option used will be mobile number & original loan amount

Account related services

Credit Cards related services:

Loan related services:

Utility bill payment services:

Online & mobile banking services:

  • To report Lost or Stolen Debit / Credit card
  • Product Information

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Means the Instructions given or purported to be given by the Customer to the Bank via the Call Centre or Automated Self Service and also Includes any other written or verbal Instruction issued or purported to have been issued by the Customer to the Bank, and the same are irrevocable and binding on the Customer upon receipt by the Bank.

The Bank

Refers to Emirates NBD Branches


Interactive Voice Response, This is the machine that the Customer interacts when using the Self Service Banking, It responds to and will accept touchtone evidence Instructions.

Self Service Banking

Means any or all of the banking services offered by the Bank, which can be availed by the Customer via a telephone and the Automated Interactive Voice Response Machine.

Debit Card

ATM card issued to the Customer by the Bank. The debit card has 16 digit number embossed on it.


Means ATM Personal Identification Number issued by the Bank to the Customer to verify the identity of the Customer and for the Customer to authorize transactions via Call center or ATM machine

Phone PIN

Means Phone Personal Identification Number selected by the Customer to verify the identity of the Customer and for the Customer to authorize transactions via the Call Centre or the Self Service Banking.

General Provisions

These terms and conditions govern the services offered through Self Service Banking and the Call Centre provided by Emirates Bank Group, These terms & conditions supplement existing terms and conditions applying between the Customer and the Bank with regards to any other products that the Customer has with Bank

  • By registering with the Call Centre , accepting the Debit Card Number and selecting the ATM PIN or Phone PIN, the Customer authorizes the Bank to act on his/her, oral/touch tone/telephonic Instructions with the Banks absolute discretion. The Customer hereby authorizes the Bank to rely and act, without any liability on the part of the Bank, upon all such Instructions issued or purporting to be issued by the Customer and to accept the same as correct, accurate and duly authorized by the Customer.
  • The use of the Debit Card Number with the correct ATM PIN or Phone PIN shall constitute confirmation of identity of the Customer and the Bank may, but is not obliged to, further confirm the identity. The Customer hereby also agrees and authorizes the Bank to record such contents of any phone call under the Self Service or Call Centre as may be deemed appropriate by the Bank and such II recorded conversation may be adduced produced as evidence, if and when required. The Bank may utilize other means of confirming the Instructions. The Bank reserves the right to refuse to execute any or all of the instructions if there is a failure on the part of the Customer to confirm the Instructions, in the event the Bank is in doubt as to the identity of the caller, or the bonafide of any Instruction.
  • In the event of unauthorized disclosure of the ATM PIN or Phone PIN, the Customer shall immediately notify the Bank. The time at which the Bank received the aforementioned information or Instructions will be determined and certified solely by the Bank and such determination shall be binding and conclusive on the Customer The Bank reserves the right to ask for written confirmation.
  • The Customer shall be solely responsible .for ensuring that the Debit Card Number and the ATM PIN or Phone PIN and any other Information that may be communicated to the Customer in this regard by the Bank is fully secured and is not disclosed to any un authorized persons or third parties. The Customers Service Representatives are NOT authorized to receive the detail of any Customer's Phone PIN or ATM PIN. The ATM PIN or Phone PIN will only need to be disclosed via touch-tone telephone while using the automated IVR.
  • In the event of stolen or lost Debit Card, the Customer shall immediately notify the Bank to block his debit card access. However, access to IVR is not blocked. Customer should also immediately intimate the Bank if access to IVR is required to be blocked. The Bank reserves the right to ask for written confirmation. The Customer understands and agrees that the Bank will not be liable for any misuse by another person in such an event and for failure of the Customer to inform the Bank to block IVR access.
  • In addition to the general terms and conditions that are applicable to use of the Call Centre and the Self Service Banking options, the following further provisions will also apply:

    • The Customer shall provide the Bank with a list of third parties account numbers to which a transfer of funds may be made via Self Service Banking and/or Call Centre. The Bank shall not effect any Instructions requiring it to transfer funds to the account of a third party if the number of that account is not contained in the list provided by the Customer.

    • The Customer acknowledges that Self Service Banking that may be provided by the Bank at its discretion involves inherent risks, including, but not limited to, risks associated with fraud and unintended/erroneous Instructions, which the Bank cannot eliminate. The Customer hereby indemnifies theindemnifies the Bank of all liabilities and responsibilities and accepts any and all risks associated with the use of the Self Service Banking.

    • All transactions are charged at the normal banking rates. For details please refer to the fees and charges schedule pertaining to the different products offered by the Bank.

    • The Bank reserves the right to amend, add or delete any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The use by you of this service shall be treated as acceptance by you of any change. If you do not accept any proposed.

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