Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plus Points Programme?
How do I enroll into Plus Points?
How do I earn Plus Points?
How can I earn Plus Points faster?
Do I earn PLUS Points on all transactions?
Which credit card types are eligible to earn Plus Points?
Which credit card types are not eligible to earn Plus Points?
What can I do with Plus Points?
Can I redeem my Plus Points immediately?
Who can redeem Plus Points?
How long will my Plus Points be valid?
How can I keep track of the Plus Points earned?
How do I get access to BankNet/ CardNet?
How many Plus Points can I redeem?
How do I redeem my Plus Points?
I am already the member of a partner airline's FFP and have some Frequent
Flyer Miles in that account. What should I do now?

How many Plus Points do I need to reach the destination of my choice?
Can I gift the Plus Points I have earned?
Under what conditions am I not allowed to redeem my Plus Points?
What is the minimum Plus Points required to request for redemption?
What happens if I cancel my card and have less than 500 Plus Points in my account?

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