Visa Debit Card

Welcome to your Emirates NBD Debit Card

It is your introduction to easier and more secure spending & banking, all over the world.

Your Visa Debit Card is as easy to use as a credit card and is accepted wherever you see the Visa logo. Enjoy greater security with the latest CHIP and PIN technology, allowing you to use your card safely at millions of retail outlets and ATMs worldwide.

Cash is your past. Your Emirates NBD Visa Debit Card is your future.

Worldwide acceptance

Defined transaction limits

Enhanced security with CHIP and PIN
DoubleSecure - the safest way to shop online
Zero Liability
SMS Alerts
Bon Appétit - an exclusive dining experience across the UAE
Discounts on air tickets and holiday packages
Other privileges
Visa offers & benefits
What is a debit card and how will it benefit me?
What is the difference between a debit card and a credit card?
What do I need to do before I use my card for the first time?
Will I get a new PIN with my Debit Card?
Is it mandatory for me as a customer to have a mobile number?
What is the "AUTH CODE"?
Is there any validity for this "AUTH CODE" and can I use it more than once?
What should I do if I do not receive an "AUTH CODE", delete it by mistake or if it expires?
Can I use my old PIN number for my renewed card or do I have to create a new PIN?
Will my renewed Debit Card have the same number as my existing card?
What will happen to my existing Debit Card after I receive my replacement/renewal card?
Are there any limits on the use of my Debit Card?
Will my Debit Card purchases appear on my account statement?
Will I be charged extra for using my Debit Card abroad?
What happens if I key in my PIN wrongly at merchant terminals or ATMs? Will the merchant terminal/ATM capture my card?
What should I do if I cannot remember my Debit Card PIN?
What happens if my card is lost, stolen or misused?

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