Using Your Debit Card

Using your Debit Card for purchases

Your Debit Card can be used to pay for purchases almost anywhere in the world. Whether you want to shop in UAE or abroad, just look for the sign at the merchant establishment and you're ready to shop!

3 simple steps to complete a purchase using your Debit Card:

  • Present your Debit Card to the merchant at checkout
  • The merchant will insert your card into the terminal and enter the amount of your purchase; the card will remain in the terminal until the transaction is authorized.
  • The merchant will ask you to enter your PIN (this is the same PIN you use to withdraw cash on ATMs). Do not disclose your PIN to the merchant. Once you enter the PIN on the terminal, the transaction gets approved. Your card will be returned to you with a sale receipt. Please keep the receipt until the transaction appears on your bank account statement

Your purchase is now complete and the transaction amount will be debited from the primary account linked to your Debit Card.

Please note:
Although most merchants in the UAE and around the world are fast-replacing their terminals with CHIP and PIN terminals, not all merchants will be equipped with technology. As a result, at some merchants, you may be required to swipe your card and sign the sale receipt.

Using your Debit Card for cash withdrawal at ATMs

Your Debit Card allows you to access and control your money locally and internationally.

You can withdraw cash from any Emirates NBD ATM, or from over one million ATMs worldwide displaying logos.

Simple steps to withdraw cash using your Debit Card:

  • Insert your card in the ATM
  • You will be prompted to enter your PIN
  • Enter your PIN and choose the amount to be withdrawn

Other services you can avail at Emirates NBD ATMs:

  • Activate your Emirates NBD Debit Card
  • Check your account balance
  • Change your Debit Card PIN
  • Pay your utility bills, telecommunication bills, Dubai police fines and RTA parking fines
  • Recharge your Salik account
  • Make payments to Air Arabia and Fly Dubai

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