Global Savings Account – Regular Premium

Attractive investment-linked savings plan (ILP) designed to help you meet your investment goals and future plans, with flexible and easy payment terms

Global Savings Account plan is a premium investment-linked savings account that helps you customise and diversify your investment portfolio to help you achieve your financial goals. For better leverage, you can increase your contributions at anytime and choose from 6 contract currencies (US$, £, €, A$, HK$ or S$).

The plan is issued and underwritten by AVIVA, a leading global provider for insurance, protection and investment products.

  • Income or capital gains tax shield*
  • Zero charges for bid/offer spread
  • Sum of money will be paid upon death as follows:
    • Accidental death (up to age 65): 106% of Net Asset Value
    • Other deaths**: 101% of NAV
  • Flexible contributions frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly, or half-yearly basis)
  • Set your own policy term: from 8 to 30 years
  • Pay by credit card, bank draft, cheque, or telegraphic transfer
  • Premium contribution holiday to help keep your policy in force when premiums are not paid
  • Unlimited fund switching
  • Single-premium investment top-up to help grow your investment faster

* Depending on the tax laws in your country of nationality or residency, your life insurance policy and investment gains may not be subject to income or capital gains taxes.

**In the event of death (exclude accidental death) during the Initial Contribution Period, the value of any enhanced units allocated (i.e. in excess of 100% allocation rate) will be excluded from the NAV in determining the death benefit.

Open a Global Savings Regular Premium account for a minimum monthly contribution of US$ 250. Once applicable fees and charges are paid, premiums will be used to purchase units according to your investment decisions.

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