Gold Investment Account

Introducing Gold Investment Account - a new way to save money

Why buy physical gold when you can reap the same benefits by storing gold electronically?

Introducing the Emirates NBD Gold Investment Account, the first of its kind in the UAE. This account is similar to any other foreign currency account, is designated with the currency code XAU, and is denominated in troy ounces. This reflects how gold is traded internationally. Since the gold is held electronically, you won't be subject to the inherent hassles and risks of storing and moving physical gold.

Simply open the account using our Online Banking.

Investing in your Gold Account

Investing in your XAU account is easy. First, decide how many troy ounces of gold you would like to invest in. Then, according to the prevailing gold rate, simply transfer the requisite funds from your AED or USD account into your XAU account.

What's more, you can start your gold savings with just
AED 500, or you can set up a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to buy small units of gold every month in your XAU account. Transfers to your XAU account can be made via Online Banking or at any of our branches.

Opening your Gold Investment Account

  • If you are an existing Emirates NBD customer, you can simply open an account via our Online Banking or fill out and sign an account opening form, available at your nearest branch, or call your Relationship Manager for assistance
  • If you don't have an existing relationship with Emirates NBD, simply call us or visit your nearest branch
  • Customers may debit their AED or USD account to credit their Gold Account with equivalent troy ounces of Gold, as per the applicable rates
  • Standing Instructions may be set up on the AED or USD accounts to buy small units of gold every month in the form of SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans)
  • Gold is traded internationally as XAU currency, in troy ounces. Therefore, regular account statements will be issued showing holdings in ounces
  • The Gold units may only be sold back to the Bank or remitted to other XAU accounts with other banks offering this service. Physical delivery of the Gold against bank account holdings is not allowed
  • Foreign Exchange rates sheet will show conversion rates for Gold (XAU) on a daily basis
  • As earnings are dependent on the gold price, interest is not paid in this account
  • As all transactions on your Gold Account are electronic, cheque books and ATM cards are not issued
  • Depositing or withdrawing cash straight from this account is not permissible

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The Gold Investment Account from Emirates NBD is a first of its kind foreign currency account